Monday, November 14, 2011

To Blog/Journal or Not To Blog/Journal...That Is The Question

Well with a title like that you expect that I should break into quoting Shakespeare....but I will not. Consistent writing is obviously not one of my strong suits. So where to begin really...lots and lots of things have happen since the last time I posted to this page. My previous post was in regards to a mission trip that I took to East Asia. The trip was a total success and I made some friends that I still keep in contact with. My trip to the other side of the world was life changing. My perspective on several things changed; 1) the importance of always being on mission 2) that even under the most severe of oppressions life and the gospel always seem to flourish. So that would bring us end of July of last year. Around September I started a new journey by turning down a path that I had known about but only walked sparingly. I began dating Katie Vance around September and my feet haven't touch the floor since. I'm truly convinced now that God is and always about what is best for us. In March I (with Richard and Julie's permission) would propose to Katie and October 1st of this year we were made and declared to be husband and wife. We are just over a month into our lives as a married couple and I can confidently say the wait was well worth it. I had someone ask me why I waited til I was 29 to get married and I said, "well, God knew that I needed to wait that long" Katie is a shining example of God's grace to me. She loves me at my best and most especially at my worst...


Alter-Egoistica said...

Stumbled on your blog when I click "Next".. and ...Wow, you left the blog for more than a year! Good to know that you're back with such a happy story. Keep on blogging if you can!

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